1. Known as one of the most popular and the greatest hero of America, Abraham Lincoln served as the 16th President of the United States from 1861 to until his assassination in 1865. He saved the Union during the Civil War and abolished slavery.

2. Lincoln grew up with great struggle for self-efficiency and it was during the Black Hawk War (1832) that he was nominated as captain by the locals and made some political connections. He officially started his political career in 1834.

3. Lincoln joined the Whig party when he was elected for the Illinois state legislature in 1834 and also started teaching himself law. He served for a single term during 1847-49 in the U.S House of Representatives.

4. During his term he supported Zachary Taylor and spoke against Mexican-American War. After returning home he became a lobbyist and started practicing as a lawyer when business flourished in Illinois. He married Mary Todd in 1842 and had four children.

5. Lincoln joined the Republican Party in 1856 after he gained great popularity for speaking against slavery. Lincoln was given nomination for presidency due to his intriguing views about slavery, uniting people, building better infrastructure and introducing better tariffs.

6. He was on the far end of the Civil War when the Union was defeated at the Battle of Bull Run and still faced complications in war through reluctance of his commanders to move forward on the front.

7. On January 1st, 1863 the Emancipation Proclamation was put into effect which stated that the slaves which were held in rebellious states will be set free. Unfortunately, Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 by Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth.