The United States of America is the greatest country in the whole world. When America sneezes, all other countries catch cold. The country is second to none when you talk of military and economic power. But do you know that there are some interesting unknown facts about the country? Here are seven of them.

About 9% of The President were Assassinated

It is strange, but becoming America’s president is regarded as one of the deadliest jobs in the country. Out of the 45 presidents four of them where assassinated. So on the scale of 100% about 9% of them died while in office.

Their Flag

It is worth to know that a 17-year-old student designed the current 50-star American flag. He designed it as a school project in 1958. And was adopted in 1960. The 50-stars represent the 50 states of the country. The 13 red strips also represents the 13 British colonies, which declared independence from the Great Britain.

The Lake Superior can Flood North and South America

The Lake Superior is the largest lake in the USA. It is considered as the largest freshwater lake in the world by area. It is 563 km long, 257 km wide, and has a maximum depth of 406 m. The volume of water in the lake can flood North and South America by one foot.

Military Strength

The US currently has the largest military power in the world. It overtakes its fiercest rival Russia, in terms of budget allocation and ammunitions. USA has taken active part in many wars in the world including the fight against terrorism.

Lincon Patent

Abraham Lincoln

The 16th President of USA, Abraham Lincoln, is the only president to own a patent. He owned it to a device he developed to lift boats over sandbars. He was also an entrepreneur but struggled through the process and sold his business.

Watch Your Tracts, FBI is Watching

For security reasons, the FBI has almost all US nationals and migrants on their list. They may be following you without you having the slightest of idea. Your next-door neighbour may be an FBI agent without you knowing.

The Highest Court

It will interest you to know that when an American says the highest court of the land, they may be refereeing to a basketball court. The Highest Court of the Land is a basketball court cited at the fifth floor of the Supreme Court building.