Having peace of mind is one desire that every human being wants to have. As grow into an adult there come responsibilities that are entitled to you. For example, studies, looking for a job and when you find one obligations increase. Sometimes you are under so much pressure that you long for a place where you can find peace of mind. If this is you, don’t worry. This article is to help you identify seven places where you can find the peace of mind you desire.

1. Varanasi in India

Varanasi is regarded as a place where you can achieve inner peace and spirituality. It is considered a holy place by those that practice Hinduism. Varanasi is located at the center of the Ganges valley north of India. Being one of the oldest cities in the world Varanasi has sacred sites and also serves as a place where the people of the Hindu religion cremate their loved ones.

There are holy waters where people from all over the world come to bathe in it. Because of its spiritual and cultural nature, the place is considered best for meditation, meeting religious leaders and also eating a sumptuous vegetarian meal.

2. Hallstatt in Australia

Mountains and hills have been an inspiration to people both spiritually and also as a place of escape. So why not go hiking next time you want to get away. The Hallstatt is one of those places where the mountains are surrounded by lakes that are gob-smacking beautiful. The village is on the edge of a lake that is full of swans and is surrounded by limestone cliffs. Nothing makes one so connected to nature like seeing fish swim in clear waters. Hotels here are comfy and cozy; the locals are homely. So unlike other travel destinations where you might die of diseases, in Hallstatt the only thing that will kill you is the awesomeness of the scenery.  

You can fly to this destination and tour through by either driving or hiking.

The Lord Hare Island

Lord Hare Island is in Australia, and it’s a place that does not boast of having a lot of visitors. To some people, it is better that way to maintain its native state. Its found 550km east of Port Macquarie. It’s got an extraordinary sea life. They include sea turtles giant calms tuna and butterfly fish. It is home to several species of exotic birds.

The Island is accessible via air and while there ensure you go hiking, fishing, biking and bird watching.

3. Antarctica

Antarctica is the world’s largest frozen desert. It’s the most secluded and coldest part in the world so if you desire pure solitude this is the place to go. The cold may be considered hostile to living things so you will need to beware of that.

It is considered the most peaceful continent on earth and has a population of about 4000 people during summer. Everything here is pure with less interference of man.

Here you will find baby penguins on the Neko tabor, Icebergs the size of skyscrapers, whales and the photogenic scenery. You get there by flight and tour by cruise ship, yacht or Icebreaker.

4. Mana pools of Zimbabwe

Mana Pools means four pools in the Shona tribe. It is located 15 degrees south of the equator on the Zambezi River. The place is full of game that it’s hard to believe that Africa has one such pristine wilderness in existence.

You find peace of mind in interacting with the hippos, wailing hyena, lions and elephant snuffles just outside your tent. You also get to see the Nile crocodiles a real brush with danger. This whole experience is so soul cleansing and refreshing.

It’s best to visit from June to October. You travel there by flight and tour by driving but ensure you use a 4WD vehicle due to the problematic roads and long distances.

5. Savu Savu, Vanua Levu Island in Fiji

This Habour town exudes warmth that is rare to find anywhere else. It’s referred to as Fiji’s hidden paradise. Spectacular reefs, palm-fringed bays, and its deep harbors are what makes this place stand out. In this place, you can’t help but feel calmer, and breathe more comfortable as you stroll. It is hard to keep track of time while there so ensure you do sunset Yoga trek in the jungle and cool off at the impressive Nakawaga waterfall.   

You can visit between May and November. Use flight to Fiji and connect to the Island by chopper or Pacific Islands seaplanes.

6. Brazil Salvador De Bahia

Salvador is a former Brazilian capital that has calming climate and is decorated with beautiful colonial buildings and not forgetting the best Brazilian cuisine.

What makes it paradise here on earth is its people. Unlike Rio and Sao Paulo celebrations here are not just in night clubs but also on the streets. What you where is no big deal you hop in and enjoy yourself. When you don’t feel like parting you can go to the golden sandy beaches that are around the town. Now that’s calming.

Feel free to go throughout the year but the best time is usually between December and March. You can fly here and tour by wandering through the streets exploring the rich scenery and culture on the roads savoring traditional cuisine.

7. The Galapagos Island

Galapagos Island is in Ecuador. It’s a remote group of 13 Islands on the Equator. It’s a place where you get to see the Iguanas which swim and commirants that seem to have forgotten to fly. In the ocean floor is chick choc starfish. It’s a place where you get a real experience with most animal species that don’t even notice your presence. The good part is that you can visit anytime throughout the year. You can fly there and explore the Islands on foot, paddle board or Kayak. You enjoy swimming, diving and photography it is just awesome.

They may not be the only places that one can find peace of mind in the world, but they are among the best places on earth that one can go and unwind. True peace and calmness can only be in paradise , and these are pure heaven here on earth.