Kirti Bharti is a social activist and rehabilitation psychologist. She resides in Rajasthan a state that is known for its tradition of marrying off children. Her real names are Kirti Chopra. She adopted the name “Bharti “which means “daughter of India”.

7 Intriguing Facts about Kirti Bharti’s Life and Fame :

1. A Traumatic Childhood

Kirti’s father abandoned her mother while pregnant with her. Her tradition is against such births. Her mother was ordered to abort. She refused and raised her alone. Bharti was poisoned while still a baby. These experiences made Kirti mature faster emotionally. It also motivated her to take psychology so she can help protect children against emotional abuse.

2. Education and Awards

She obtained a degree in Rehabilitation psychology from Rajasthan University. She is doing her PhD. Kirti has been featured in the Limca books of records. She was honoured at the landmark London Hotel in Central London, an event that was attended by prominent people. Among them was, Tony Blaire’s wife Cherie Blaire.

3. The Saarthi Trust

Kirti formed the Saarthi Trust in 2011 to help fight against early child marriages and also rehabilitate them. Through the trust, she has been able to stop over 900 and annulled 31 child marriages. The former brides have also received education on their rights.

4. The Laxmi Case

Laxmi was married off on her 18th birthday and forced her to move to her husband’s house. She approached the trust where together with Kirti and the courts they worked to annul it. This was in 2012. The marriage was the first annulled in India. This brought Kirti to fame.

5. Former Brides’ Rehabilitation

Kirti through the Saarthi trust runs a rehabilitation program. The girls get basic needs, education and life skills. It’s also responsible for reuniting the former brides with their families where possible. They create awareness by educating the community about the disadvantages of early marriages.

6. Death Threats

As expected, Kirti‘s life is constantly in danger. She’s threatened by community elders, politicians, and even families. She says it has become part of her life and it won’t stop her from saving more children from the early marriage.

7. Creating a Lasting Change

She is working towards creating a lasting change in India and the world at large. She does this by educating the community against this vice. The girls are empowered to speak boldly against early marriage. The girl’s prosperity has shown the community how valuable they are.

Kirti motivated by the experiences of her childhood decided to be an activist for the children. It doesn’t matter how long it takes with determination one can make it and leave a mark in this world.