There has been an unending debate about who was a better poet between William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. Each of them played a role in literature but the question is, why is Shakespeare always chosen ahead or famous than Marlowe.

Here are seven reasons why is it so –

The Age Factor

Shakespeare and Marlowe were born in the same year but different months. Marlowe was about two months older than Shakespeare is. Both poets started their career almost at the same time but Marlowe died before Shakespeare. It is believed that if Marlowe hadn’t died that early, Shakespeare would have been nowhere near his fame.

Their Lifestyle

No one wants to be associated with a dissident. Shakespeare lived a private lifestyle, but he was noble as compared to Marlowe. Marlowe was engaged in many social vices. He had to serve some time in prison for different offences. Marlowe’s public life tarnished his image.

Marlowe set the pace, but Shakespeare took it to another level

There is no doubt that Marlowe was the foremost when it comes to Elizabethan tragedies. Yes, he was also the one who influenced Shakespeare’s works in that field. However, after Marlowe death, Shakespeare was still in the game. This gave him the advantage to writing several classics to overshadow Marlowe’s works.

Number of Works

Marlowe wrote only seven plays as compared to the 38 plays by Shakespeare. This gave Shakespeare the upper hand as his works kept resonating with the people. Since he released worked between times, he was always fresh in the minds of people and that made him popular.

Influence on the Queen

Shakespeare had more influence on the Queen than Marlowe because he died early. This is because after the death of Marlowe, Shakespeare continued his service to the Queen. He performed and kept writing plays for to entertain the Queen and the court. This gained him more favors from the Queen.

Shakespeare had more Patrons

Shakespeare had a vast number of patrons and that made him famous. His popularity surged because he had many patrons who supported his work. During that era, to have a patron and maintaining them was a real deal. But because Shakespeare had many patrons, promoting his work became easier.

Marlowe Had Bad Reputation

Marlowe was a spy and engaged in feverous acts, so it likely that many people didn’t want to be associated with him. The instances through which he died only speaks volume. He was also a fraud and counterfeiter.