Satoshi Ōmura achieved the most magnificent milestone in his career by receiving the noble prize for the discovery related to a novel therapy in fighting the infection that is caused by roundworm parasites.  Along with William C. Campbell and Tu Youyou, Ōmura also shared the award in the field of Physiology or medicine in 2015.

Full Name : Satoshi Ōmura

Born: 12 July 1935 Nirasaki, Yamanashi, Japan

Nationality : Japanese

Field : Biochemistry

Awards :

Japan Academy Prize (1990)

Fujiwara Prize(1995)

Robert Koch Gold Medal (1997)

Prince Mahidol Award(1998)

Nakanishi Prize(2000)

Gairdner Global Health Award (2014)

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2015)

Attractive Facts about Satoshi Ōmura :

Satoshi Omura

Biochemist of Japan

– Satoshi Omura is a Japanese biochemist who is widely known to the world for the discovery as well as developing many pharmaceuticals that generally occur in microorganisms. He was awarded Nobel Prize in 2015.

High School Teacher Of Tokyo

– He was born in Yamanashi, Japan and was the second son the Omura family. After he became a graduate of the Yamanashi University in the year 1958, he soon became a science teacher at Tokyo metropolitan high school.

Received His Ph.D. from Tokyo University

– In the year 1960, he was appointed as an auditor of Koji Nakanishi at the University of Tokyo. Soon after a year, he enrolled his name in the University of Tokyo for studying science.  However, he got his both M.S and a Ph.D. degree from TUS.

Satoshi Ōmura

Hold A Couple of Ph.D. Degree

– Omura is known to hold a couple of Ph.D. degree in his name. He got his first Ph.D. in the field of pharmaceutical science from the University of Tokyo and later he earned a Ph.D. in chemistry at Tokyo University of science.

Emeritus Professor

– In the year 1963 at Yamanashi University, Satoshi Omura started working as a research associate, and since then he has occupied various essential posts in different Universities. Since 2008 to 2012 he has served as an emeritus professor at the Kitasato University as well as max Tishler professor.

2015 Noble Prize Winner

– Omura received the noble prize which is considered to be the most prestigious award in one life in the year 2015 for the field of physiology. However, he jointly shared the award with Campbell and Youyou for the discovery related to a novel therapy in fighting the infection that is caused by roundworm parasites.

Discovered 480 New Compounds

– Since 1970, it is reported that Satoshi Omura has discovered more than 480 new compounds. There are also 25 different kinds of drugs discovered by Omura, which are now widely available in the market worldwide.