India is a country that is adorned with beautiful landscapes, mammoth mountains in the north, marshy lands, and Kanyakumari located in the south. It’s a country that has a rich culture and lifestyle. Apart from these, it also has spectacular national parks and sanctuaries that are home to wildlife. In this article, we take a look at 7 best places to visit for a rich wildlife experience. Let’s take a look.

Ranthambore National Park1

1. Ranthambore National Park

This place was a famous hunting ground for the Maharajas. Located at Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan, it’s popular for its tiger trails, and bird’s tours. Wildlife that you are likely to see here includes tigers, leopards, jungle cats, flamingos, parakeets, and pelicans. It also has a lot of waterholes this is the main reason it has a large population of wildlife. The Pandam Talao is also a place you can’t afford to miss visiting. The park is ideally located and is open from 1st October to 30th June. It’s surrounded by beautiful resorts where one can lodge while on tour. While there, make a point of doing the aerial tour of the National park in the hot air balloon.

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Sunderbans National Park

2. Sunderbans National Park

It’s a marshy land full of mangroves, and tigers. There is a saying that even if you don’t see a tiger be sure it has seen you. It extends to Bangladesh. It stands on 54 islands too. It’s located in West Bengali, and 95km from Kolkata. Interesting activities to undertake while touring this park include going on a tiger trail, visit the crocodile park and see the watchtowers. It’s famous for the Royal Bengal Tigers, crocodiles, primates, bull sharks and snakes. The best time to visit is in September and May. Just like you get to experience the hot air balloon in Ranthambore, in Sunderbans you get to cruise over the waters.

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Jim Corbett National Park

3. Jim Corbett National Park

It’s located in Uttarakhand, in the mountainous district of Nainital. Its part of the larger tiger reserve called Corbett. Occasionally you get to spot the white tiger in this park. Its five hours drive from Delhi. Here you get to drive around. Wildlife that is found here is Tigers, deer, elephants, Sambar dears and the golden jackal. There are places to stay while on tours such as the river view retreat, The den Corbett and Le Roi Corbett. You need a permit to enter the park and make sure to attend the bonfire night celebrations.

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Gir National Park

4. Gir National Park

Located at Gujarat in the Gir National forest, is popular for its Asiatic lions. Tourism in Gujarat is well known for the Gir Lions making it a trip worth making. It is located close to Junagadh city. You get there by railway which connects to bigger cities such as Ahmedabad. Apart from the lion safari one gets to enjoy boating on the various lakes located in Gir. Other wildlife found here includes the Indian leopards, jungle cats, striped hyenas and monitor lizards. The park is open from mid-October to mid-June yearly.

Bannerghatta Biological Park

5. Bannerghatta Biological Park

Bannerghatta is located in Karnataka, in the south of Bangalore. It includes an elephant sanctuary, a tiger park a zoo and a butterfly park. Bannerghatta is 22km from Bengaluru city. It also has other wildlife such as the spotted deer, barking dears and snakes. While there, make sure to go on the tiger safari, and also boating. The park does not operate on Tuesday. Places to stay include the Svenska design hotel, Confido Inn & Suites, and LordsPlaza Bengaluru.

Kaziranga National Park

6. Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National park has the heist number of one-horned Rhinos in the world. So it’s definitely a place to visit. It has also achieved a lot in its conservation projects. It takes five hours to drive from Guwahati which is connected to other cities by road and rail. It’s surrounded by tea plantations. Other wildlife includes tigers swamp deer and wild buffalo. Opening season is from 1st November to 30th October.

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The great Himalayan National Park

7. The Great Himalayan National Park

It is located in the snow-capped mountains of Kullu. The sloping hills, coniferous forests and green landscapes make it the glory of the Himalayan slopes. You can get there by road since it’s connected to most of the major cities. Make sure to stroll in the clouds trek in the forests or take a boat ride on river Tirthan. Animals that are found here include the snow tiger, musk deer and Himalayan pit viper. The park is open throughout.

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Finally you will agree that India is blessed with nature’s most beautiful gifts. It’s definitely the place to be in the holiday season. All one needs to do is to plan well and book on time so you can get to enjoy the diversity that can only be found in this magnificent country.