1) Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States who established the first Jewish justice on the Supreme Court. He was clever and well educated since he was the first president who obtained a Ph.D.

2) After being graduated from Princeton University at which he was selected as a director for eight years, he moved to study one year of law at the University of Virginia without graduating. Woodrow then turned up to study at Johns Hopkins University where he got his Ph.D. in political science.

3) Woodrow ordered the Congress to declare war on Germany, convincing all the Americans that the aim of the war was “to make the world safe for democracy”. Woodrow had established an activist foreign policy identified as “Wilsonianism” during his leadership of the Americans in the First World War.

4) Woodrow was known of his humanity and appreciation of women especially mothers. He urged all the Americans to not only celebrate Mother’s day on the 9th of May but to appreciate all the efforts that mothers do and express this appreciation publicly.

5) Due to all the achievements that he did, Woodrow Wilson won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919. He was one of the great leaders who founded the terms of peace after the First World War. They were known as the Big Four who gathered to sign the Paris Peace Conference.

6) Woodrow Wilson was a brave and ambitious person. As a boy, he did not let the disease that he was suffering from destroy his goals. Even if he suffered from dyslexia and he was incapable of reading, he persisted and defeated the disease. Also he was known for his intellect and skills. He served as a lecturer on multiple topics in various institutions. He also worked as a professor and scholar before his presidency.

7) Woodrow Wilson was known for his intellect and skills. He served as a lecturer,professor and scholar on multiple topics in various institutions. Woodrow Wilson died on February 3, 1924, at age 67. He was buried in the Washington National Cathedral, the only president to be interred in the nation’s capital.