1. William Henry Harrison was the last American president to be born as a British citizen who turned to be America’s 9th President in 1841 served from March 4, 1841, to April 4, 1841.  He died of complications from pneumonia after his 30 days of service and this lead to some constitutional crisis.

2. He was born on 9th February, 1773, at Berkeley, his family’s plantation near Richmond, Virginia. His father was Founding Father Benjamin Harrison V who signed the Declaration of Independence.

3. Before becoming the president he served in a renowned position as an officer American militia. He led U.S. forces at the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811,which earned him the nickname “Old Tippecanoe”.

4. Another battle which gave him fame was Battle of the Thames in 1813. During this time he served the army as a general officer. As a result of the battle, the leader of the Shawnee Native Americans named Tecumseh died and due to his death the Indian coalition was dissolved. This was one of his major achievement as an army officer.

5. He was an outstanding politician who turned to be the first congressional delegate from the Northwest Territory. He was also famous for his position as the first Governor of Indiana Territory.

6. Up to his time he was the oldest man to be elected as the President. It may be noted that he became the president when he was 67 years old. He is also known to be the first American President to die in office after the shortest period of 30 days in U.S. presidential history.

7. His historical leadership, though it was of a brief period his memories became active again when his grandson Benjamin Harrison became the 23rd president of the United States.