1) Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th US president from 1901 to 1909, the 25 vice president, and the 33rd governor of New York. He was the first president of the United States who won the Noble Peace Prize and he also was the assistant Secretary of the Navy.

2) Similarly to Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelt suffered a lot in his childhood from asthma but he overcame his disease and continued normally his life to reach the point which he dreamed of.

3) Because of his health problems, he was obliged to nearly always study at home. He was intelligent in almost all the subjects which led him to enter Harvard College and then Columbia University where he studied law.

4) Theodore was an eminent writer who wrote more than thirty-five books, “The Naval War of 1812” is one among many and an estimated 150,000 letters.. His excellent memory eased the remembrance of the events he sought to write about.

5) During his presidency, Roosevelt avoided money issues and he focused more on realizing what he promised the people with. He worked on the creation of different monuments that are well-known nowadays and several forests and parks.

6) Theodore Roosevelt lead the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American war and he was the one who put a full stop to the war between Russia and Japan. This and other achievements led him to win the Noble Peace Prize.

7) After the death of both his mother and wife, Theodore Roosevelt became depressed and decided to leave everything and move to Dakota where he became a skilled cowboy.