• Serving as the 22nd and the 24th President of the United States, Stephen Grover Cleveland is the only president in US history to serve two non-consecutive terms in the office. He was the first president to be married in the White House.
    • Known popular as the “Guardian President”, Grover Cleveland was an advocate of honesty and he fought against corruption. He acted as district attorney for Erie County and also served as governor of New York from 1882 to 1884.
    • Cleveland was the only Democratic to win presidential election during the age of Republican domination. He won the Democratic presidential nomination in 1884 which faced bit of a scandal but despite that he won the election.
    • His time in the office was spent eradication corruption from public sectors while imposing selection based on merit rather than political influence. He fought against government expenses and worked towards lowering tariffs for the people.
    • He eventually lost the election of 1888 due to large number of voters turning towards his opposition due to the insecurities of industrial states voter who saw lowering of tariffs as a threat to their jobs.
    • Things turned around for Cleveland in the elections of 1892 when voters again shifted their support towards Cleveland mostly due to realizing the disadvantages of high tariffs and also due to Tammany Halls support for him.
    • His second tenure faced worst financial crisis starting from the Panic of 1893 which began with a railroad bankruptcy followed by a stock market crash. He soon started to lose his popularity and declined when nominated for a third term. On 24th June, 1908, he suffered a heart attack and died at age 71.

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