1) Franklin Delano Roosevelt also known as FDR was the 32nd President of the United States from 1933 until his death in 1945. When Roosevelt became President, America was dealing with its worst depression in history. He created the New Deal which attempted to relieve, recover and reform America. 

2) During Roosevelts childhood years, he would annually travel to Europe which allowed Roosevelt to become bi-lingual in English, French and German.  It also gave him a better understanding of Germany which would play an integral part in his understanding during World War II.

3) Although Roosevelt was only seen as an average student academically he was the editor of the college newspaper and passed his bar exam even though he then didn’t finish his law degree.  In 1910, Roosevelt became a New York State Senate. This alone was an achievement as he was the second democrat to have become a New York State Senate since 1856.

4) In 1913, Roosevelt became the assistant secretary of the Navy. He established the United States Navy Reserve and was recognised for not having any union strikes take place during the 7 years that he was in office.

5) Roosevelt was the Governor of New York for two terms and improved on social services. After the Great Depression, he helped with the agricultural community by adding funds to the rural education and raising commodity prices.

6) During his time, as both Governor and President, Roosevelt was responsible for building over fifty national forests, parks and monuments as well as over one hundred national wildlife refuges.

7) Unlike other Presidents that preceded Roosevelt, he served for four terms and died during his fourth term. He was President during World War II and famously gave the “Infamy Speech” after the surprise Japanese attack on U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbour.