There is nothing a deep breath and a composed soul cannot cure. And yoga has been known to involve all these elements, that let you slow down and align yourselves to your soul. Here is a list of top seven yoga retreats in India to reinvigorate the whole self that often gets frayed with hectic schedules and busy city lives.

1. Isha Yoga Centre, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu :

For the spiritually parched city-soul, the tranquil air and serenity of the renowned Isha Yoga Centre awaits you with its vast and uniquely structured space. Cradled amidst the natural bounty of the Velliangiri hills, the retreat centre with its picturesque setting and panoramic view, will guide the visitor towards self-transformation and spiritual rejuvenation quite effortlessly.

2.  Osho Meditation Resort, Pune :

Align your body, soul and mind in perfect harmony with a visit to the ideal “meditation resort” in the country. Let yourself loose and indulge in the luxury of gratifying silence while transforming the inner self and realising its full potential.

3. Purple Valley Yoga, Assagao, Goa :

What better retreat can you ask for than one where you are surrounded by the emerald ocean and golden shores? The Purple Valley Yoga resort in Goa is the place to be for all those seeking out some much needed peace and quiet. The resort is renowned for its Ashtanga yoga sessions, and exudes a charming ambience that will make you want to pay a second visit.

4. Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre, Himachal Pradesh :

A retreat into the hills of Dharamshala is the right panacea to heal all the inflictions on your soul. At this yoga centre, visitors are taught various asanas and imparted knowledge regarding a holistic and mindful lifestyle.

Yoga Retreats in India5. Ashtanga Institute, Mysore :

Coupled with the bountiful serenity and scenic landscape, Mysore’s Ashtanga Yoga Institute will take you on a surreal experience of your lifetime. Apart from yoga retreats or yoga vacations, the institute also offers yoga training courses in ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga.

6. Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram, Kerala :

The Dhanwantari ashram has been around for half a century now, having shaped the lives of all those who visited this humble abode in search of spiritual fulfillment. The ashram seeks to promote the benefits and authentic ways to practice classical yoga.

7. SwaSwara :

CGH Earth Resort, Gokarna, Karnataka: By all means SwaSwara, which translates to inner voice, is a place that lets one relax, revive and come back to the real self. Located in the mystical Gokarna, the spiritual vibe SwaSwara emanates is soothing and meditative.