Children are undoubtedly the future of any nation. They hold promises for a better, brighter tomorrow. Let’s take a look at some impressive facets of child development.

1) A Directional Development:

A child’s growth follows a specific pattern and it usually goes in such a way that the small muscles develop after the large ones. Development begins from the head to toe,in that order, and a child who is born with nearly 300 bones are said to have 206 by the time they enter adulthood due to the fusing of certain bones.

2) Setting Rules Go a Long Way:

It’s good to spare a few candies once in a while. But research has proven that parents who shower their kids with love, attention and support, but set strict limits and unbiased consequences for poor behaviour, at the same time, are said to raise confident and happy children.

3) Language Development:

Infants make cute little noises and we all love to respond with adorable googoo-gagle-gagas. Studies have shown how children who are responded to the most are said to develop their language faster. This is done is four different stages – blabbering, one-word sentences, two-word sentences and multi-word phrases.

4) Lots of Play:

It’s true how the era of gadgets and iphones have changed our lives for better but those of our kids’ for the worse. A child who is let to play outdoors for at least two hours a day is said to have lesser chances of developing myopia than kids who spend most of their time indoors.

5) The Growth Spurt:

Watch what you say and do with a child around! Research shows that from their birth, up to the age of five, children are quick to absorb everything they notice going on around them. It is the time when their cognitive abilities are sharpened and be it good or bad, they learn from both instruction and widely from observation.

6) Same Milestones, Different Time:

Did your neighbour’s kid start speaking when he/she were a year old? And did your kid start a few months later? Fret not! Children are born with different traits and genes and their developmental stages occur at totally different times. Although they all go through the same process at some point in time, no one can know when.

7) The Importance of Prenatal Care:

The amount of attention and care you and your partner showers on you prenatal health is of extreme importance for the development of your child. Before and during pregnancy, it is advised for the mother to stay away from harmful toxins like drugs and other harmful medications, that have the potential to put your child’s health at risk.