Humans have been around for a very long time now – creating history, forming civilisations, migrating and innovating. A walk down the ancestral lane will provide us deeper insights into how the generations before us became what they were and how they shaped our culture as it is now.

Let’s take a look at some of the major periods in world history :

1) Stone Age :

This was quite a broad time of time period which lasted for over three million years. What defined this era was the primeval living styles and tools used by then humans, which mostly included stones and wood. Not much documented history of the era is available but there are a few archaeological evidences that point to this era.

2) Ancient Egypt :

The historic Nile river is where the Egyptian civilization was given birth, along its banks. The river’s steady supply of water ensured Egypt’s agricultural bounty and made it fertile for crops. Much of the proceedings of this era have been recorded on stone tablets or papyrus using a writing technique called hieroglyphics. Egypt’s rule was marked by powerful Pharaohs who indulged in all sorts of luxury.

3) Ancient India :

Similar to the Egyptian civilization, human settlement in ancient India began along the banks of the Indus river. From the Indus Valley civilization to the Vedic civilization, this era stretched between B.C.7000 to B.C.500. India was known to be the hot seat of cultures, religions and wealth, and aspects of it were spread to different parts of Asia as well.

4) Middle Ages :

Quite an eventful period, this era lasted for nearly ten centuries. Beginning from the decline of the Western Roman empire to Age of Discovery, the middle ages. Culturally, this period is believed to be one of the darkest, with constant wars, population decline, religious intolerance and persecution, and migration of people.

5) Age of Discovery :

This is believed to be one of the major eras in world history with Europe’s exploration of unknown lands, which gave birth to the discovery and defining of much of the Americas, Asia and Africa. This was also the period where globalization began taking root, Christianity began spreading, and global slave trade marked its growth as well.

6) The Renaissance :

A period of cultural, political, literary, architectural and scientific enlightenment, the Renaissance period saw a change in perspectives, where man was seen superior to the law or any other being. This period gave us many renowned artists, thinkers and other definers of history, like Leonardo da Vinci, Dante, Galileo,

7) The Age of Revolution : 

This was a period of rebellion, revolt and change. The age if revolution saw a shift in the socio-political environment in much of the Americas and Europe. This era saw the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and several other slave revolts in Latin America. The revolts saw an eventual shift from a state of absolute monarchy to more democratic republics.

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