“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” – Albert Einstein

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.” – Dhirubhai Ambani

Read 7 ways to become famous, if you desire it strongly :

1. Promote Your Community Page

7 Ways To Become Famous

The virtual world is all set to transform each common man into a famous being. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account, you can spread and promote your work on these pages. This is a great method to gain good publicity.

2. Choose An Untrodden Path

7 Ways To Become Famous

An innovative career choice or a change in the method of work in the present profession will enable to produce qualitative work.  Choosing a novel adventure or activity and excelling by excessive diligence will definitely mount you on the hill of fame and success.

3. Write A Book And Sell It At A Cheaper Rate To Spread

7 Ways To Become Famous

If you have stories and tales of your life or if you are good at creating fiction, what are you waiting for! Just pen them to create a book of 150 pages enough to form one with softbound cover. Do sell it at a cheaper rate, so that maximum of the readers could purchase easily eventually to become famous.

4. Sponsor A Large Sum To Charity If You Are Wealthy

7 Ways To Become Famous

Donate a large amount of money to a NGO, orphanage or an institute that works for the welfare of society. The organizers will eventually, out of their gratitude, will publicize your name in their handouts and other communications.

5. Do Unusual Actions To Be Caught By Media

7 Ways To Become Famous

This is in the realm of a weird zone. Go nude on the road, do a never-done-before stunt, perform uncanny and eerie actions on street, you will be eventually caught by media. If not then you can dial them and invite on your own!

6. Become A Political Leader

7 Ways To Become Famous

Politics is one of the easiest ways to become famous. Join a political campaign, create agendas and propaganda, dissolve them and repeat it. This will gain you a status of stereotyped political leader thereby creating fame of your name.

7. Work Diligent, Achieve Success, Fame Will Automatically Arrive

7 Ways To Become Famous

The key to worthy and respectful fame and success is to excel in your profession. You will be filtered out from the solvent of mass-work through your efficient approach. The fame generated in the eyes of people will be eternal.

7 Ways to Become Popular :