Christmas is a festival that is celebrated globally by almost everyone despite their religious affiliation. Originally it was just Christians who celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ on this day. It is held on the 25th of December. The whole month of December is considered the Christmas season. During this period most working people get to rest and spend time with family and friends. In this article, we look at the best places one can choose to celebrate Christmas in style.

1. Bethlehem, West Bank

Where else would one want to spend Christmas if not in the town where it all started? According to Christians, Jesus was born In Bethlehem in a manger. There are a lot of fireworks on the Manager square on Christmas Eve. You also get to attend mass at the St Catherine’s church as the clock strikes midnight.

2. Santa Claus Village

If you are not getting enough of Santa in your city, then you need to visit Finland’s Arctic Circle. Santa Clause is very famous in this place. Here you get to enjoy all the goodies he has to offer. Not to mention the snow and the reindeer-dotted forests is a breathtaking site indeed. There’s also an amusement park called Santa Park. You get to enjoy your Christmas to the fullest but you will need deep pockets to do so.

3. The Vatican, Italy

If you want to experience the true spirit of Christmas, visit the Vatican in Italy. Catholics are experts in doing Christmas. You get to attend the midnight Mass at the St Peter’s Basilica which is held on Christmas Eve and at noon on Christmas day. The city comes to alight more during this period. You will find roasted chestnuts sold everywhere. In St Peter’s Square, Piazza Navona, and in the church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli, you will find nativity pictures. The Vatican is the most visited place during this season.

4. New York City

In New York City is where the tallest Christmas tree is lit. This is at the Rockefeller Center in early December. The Christmas lights, cheesy muzak, and some snow is a spectacular sight. It won’t be Christmas if you don’t go ice skating below the tree also the window displays in New York’s department stores. The merrymaking ends with a New York Ballet Performance of the Nutcracker.

5. Tokyo Japan

Generally, Tokyo does not have a majority Christian population but they are not left behind when it comes to celebrating Christmas. Tokyo comes alive with top-notch decorations and lighting. To them, the New Year is of more significance than Christmas. They celebrate it anyway. Christmas day is not a holiday but the eve of it is likened to Valentines Day. It involves a night of romance for lovers. Don’t miss out on their Japanese dishes which include fried chicken, and sponge cake which is topped with strawberry and cream.

6. Zurich

Another beautiful place to go is in Zurich Switzerland. It is well known for the chocolate boxes, mountains, clobbered streets, and snow. These features make it more appealing to visit at this time of the year. Another attractive sight is the Christmas markets especially one inside the train station. The all singing Christmas tree comes alive on Werdmuhleplatz. A choir of youngsters that delivers sweet Christmas carols is found on the tiered triangular stage covered with assorted greenery and lights.

7. San Juan

San Juan in Puerto Rico is another place to go for a holiday during Christmas. Despite being a small island it has a big personality. Unlike other places where it snows during Christmas here, it’s sunny. In San Juan its Christmas with a salsa beat, and a dish of a spit-roasted pig. Their celebrations go all the way to 6th of January, the Three Kings Day. Churches hold Christmas masses from mid-March and people move from house to house making merry. All this culminates to a feast on Christmas Eve and mass at midnight. Visit the city hall on the Plaza de Armas, and the Promenade Paseo de la Princesa for breathtaking decorations.

Finally with the right planning and saving one can make a point of getting away to one of these amazing places that Mother Nature has gifted us. It may be costly but it’s worth it.

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