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Nothing beats the feeling one gets when they step out in the open. The beauty of nature is very relaxing. You have to be strong-willed and physically fit. One gets to interact and learn different cultures one on one. Here are seven destinations that will leave you yearning to go trekking.

1. The Inca Trail

It’s located in Peru, South America. Its 43 km long and it takes four or five days to trek on it. On your way to the top, you go through the Tambo ruins. The nostalgic moment is when you get a glimpse of the forgotten city of Machu Picchu. The best time to go in May to December. Everyyear in the month of February the trail is closed. Each day only 500 people are allowed for trail, among which only 200 are trekkers and the rest are the guides and porters.

2. The Lost City

The best time to go December to March. It is located in Colombia and is 44km long. It may take you Five days to go through. One gets to enjoy the spectacular jungle scenery, swim in the Buritaca River and take the last 1200 stone steps to the lost city of Teyuna.

3. The Everest Base Camp

It is 62km and takes 13 days to make this journey. The trail has beautiful forests, Sherpa villages, glacial moraines, and foothills. It brings you closer to the Himalayas people before getting to the peak. The best time to go, from August to November.

4. Venezuela’s Mt Roraima

It’s the first major tabletop mountain to be climbed. This was achieved by Sir Edward I’m Thon in December 1984. The route he used is the same route that has been used to date by hikers. There’s no specific time to go. You can go at any time of the year. Some people say it’s good to go in November to April because it’s warmer and drier.

5. Mt Kilimanjaro

It’s the highest peak in Africa. It’s located in Tanzania and it takes eight days to trek the 34km to the peak. This mountaion is high 5,895 metres from the sea level and 4,900 metres from the base. It has different routes to the top and the best time to go is from September to March. You definitely won’t forget the feeling of sleeping very close to the stars.

6. Europe’s Mont Blanc

Its 125km long and it takes hikers eight days trek. It takes you through three countries, Switzerland, Italy, and France. Isn’t that spectacular? You get to see the Alpine meadows, rocky peaks, and steep trails.

7. Torres Del Paine Circuit

It’s located in Patagonia. You take 10 days to trek the 133km. it’s endowed with the best scenery. You also get to see stunning volcanic landscapes, massive glaciers, and diverse scenery. December to March is the best time to go.

How does that feel? Make a point of going on a hike to one of these cool places this holiday. You will experience the best of the world’s richness.

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