Asia is a home to the Asian games known as Asiad. It comprises of 51 sports in 39 disciplines and almost 400 events. The events are held every four years, hosted by different countries. This article highlights the most fascinating facts about the games.

1. Formed After World War II

The Asian games were formed after World War II. Prior to this, there was a gathering known as The Far Eastern Championship Games held in Manila in 1913. It had six countries participating. The Asian Games officially started in 1950. New Delhi was the first host city. Guru Dutt Sondhi was the brain behind the formation of the Asiad.

2. Games Reorganization

The games were marred by crisis. Religious issues between Indonesia and Israel. Korea declined to host the event citing security reasons. The main reason was a financial crisis. This and many other problems led to the revision of the Asia Games constitution. Israel was removed and Taiwan re-admitted.

3. Asian Games Symbols

Different symbols are used by the Asian countries during the games. They are based on the theme of the games that given time. The main symbol is the shining sun. White doves, in Hiroshima. A seagull, in Busan. Seals, in Icheon, and ram cartoons, in Guangzhou.

4. Countries that Participate

The OCA (the Olympic Council of Asia) has 45 affiliate members. They are all eligible to participate in the games. Indonesia, Japan, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Thailand are the only countries that have participated in all the editions of the Asiad.

5. Medal Count from its Inauguration

Throughout the history of the Asian games, 43 out of 48 nations have won medals. 38 nations have won gold. Japan and China are the only countries that have won the overall championships. Three countries have never won a single medal. They include the Maldives, Bhutan and Timor-Leste.

6. The Continental Festivals

The continental festivals were created to celebrate the Asian Games 100th anniversary, by the OCA during its 31st annual general meeting. Having hosted the event 100 years ago, The Philippines was accorded the honour to host it again. It never took place due to Typhoon Haiyan. They rescheduled to January 2014.

7. Peaceful coexistence in Asia

Asian countries that obtained their independence after the World War II, wanted a competition that would exhibit Asian dominance in a peaceful manner. This strengthened peace ties and mutual understanding among Asian countries. Israel is not a member of the Asian games due to security reasons.

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