Selfie meaning “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.”

Back to the 16th Century

– There may be a misconception among the persons, that selfie is only related to smartphones and innovation of 21st century; however, the history of the selfie is much longer. In the year 1524, the first-ever selfie was painted on the wood using oil by Parmigianino, a 21-year-old artist.

Difficult to Capture

– Keeping aside the painted selfie by Parmigianino, it was Robert Cornelius who was responsible for taking the first ever photographic selfie in 1839. Though today we can take a selfie with a single swipe of our hand, but during those days it was not easy.

Selfie Apart from the Earth

– You are familiar with a selfie taken on earth with a beautiful background and different poses, but do you know it has also been taken in space too! The first astronaut who took the initiative to take the first selfie is Buzz Aldrin during 1966.

Popular among Women

– It is reported that women take selfie more than men; however, it depends on the place to place. It is recorded that 56% of the selfies are taken by women in Bangkok comparing to NewYork where women are responsible for taken 62% of it.

It Has Become A Young Trend

– selfie is very much famous among the youths, and it is recorded the mean age of the selfie-taker is 23.6 years. However, the selfie is gaining momentum, and soon the average may get dipped.

Selfie All about Hash Tag

– Hashtag has made this selfie famous. Jennifer Lee uploaded the first ever selfie captioned with a hashtag in the year of 2011. Since then it has become a trend, and today Instagram has over 220 million selfies posted.

2103 Word of the Year

– In the year 2013 selfie was regarded as the word of the year in the Oxford dictionary. However, some debates were surrounding it, whether the word would be chosen for receiving the honor, but eventually, it made the headlines in 2103 by becoming the 2013 word of the year.

The History of the Selfie – First Space Selfie :