Halloween was set by the pope at the start of the 11th century. Catholics take three days from 31st October to 2nd November to pray for the saints and the dead. Most countries in the world observe it. Despite it being a holy event, there’re other activities that surround Halloween. In this article, we look at seven weird and unknown facts about Halloween.

1. Most Profitable American Holiday

Halloween comes second after Christmas holiday economically. Americans spend around $6 billion in the purchase of candy, costumes, and decorations for the occasion. The candy industry alone makes an estimated $2 billion on Halloween.

2. A Wiccan New Year

Halloween is also a Samhain Celtic tradition that is marked at the end of a Celtic year in Ireland, The Isle of Man, and Scotland. At this time it is believed that spirits enter the world. They, therefore, put out food and snacks for them. The Wiccan New Year is still celebrated to date.

3. Guising

This is an event where the poor and children dress in costumes and go from door to door performing in exchange for food and cash. They perform songs, poems, and prayers. People also dress as the spirits of the dead so as to protect themselves from the spirit of death.

4. Ancient costumes

Animal skin and head was the popular costume in ancient days. This was to enable them better connect with the spirits of the dead. These costumes were worn mostly by tribes that lived in what is today Germany and France. Today the Samhain paint their faces black so as to look like the spirits.

5. Super Hero Costumes

Apart from the mythical creature’s costumes worn during this season, the most popular costumes are those of superheroes. Superhero costumes of the Avenger, Ninja Turtles and X- men are some of the examples of costumes that are worn during Halloween.

6. Jack O- Lantern

The Jack-O-Lantern is the most popular image associated with Halloween. It’s carved out of the pumpkin and a candle is lit inside of it. Long ago it was curved from turnips. This is to ward off the spirit of Jack-O- Lantern who is believed to have tricked the devil so many times; he ended up denying himself a chance in heaven and hell.

7. A Party of Ghosts in Asia

Asian counties have their own way of celebrating Halloween. For example in China it’s known as the hungry ghost festival. It’s celebrated in mid-July. They believe that at this time the gates of hell are opened and the spirits are let loose. They roam the world during the night looking for food and entertainment. So the Chinese organize Operas on the streets to feed and entertain the dead.

This is very interesting, despite all this Halloween is a beautiful season to celebrate whatever you believe in, to try different costumes and help the poor. So make a point of celebrating it this year.

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