Africa is my holiday destination, because of the sun. What about you? We all choose a destination based on our own convictions and the purpose we intend to achieve. However, some places are special! They leaves a lifetime memory, even if you visit there once. If you aim to enjoy trekking, I will recommend Himalayas for you.

The constant thing to expect after a trek at Himalayas is change. This change can be noticed from a trekker’s facial expression. A trekker would have either a fulfilling one expression or feeling upset. Not everyone can endure the long walk and the other discomfort, which comes with the trekking.

Let’s go through 7 fantastic reason to go trekking in Himalayas :

You Will Enjoy Fresh Air

The road to the Everest Region of the Himalayas ends at some point. Which means, you would have to endure some miles of walking. This is the point you enjoy some fresh air rushing down the alpines to fill your lungs with freshness.

Loss Some Kilos

Depending on how long you will spend, you will burn some kilos before leaving. You will need a lot of energy to traverse some peaks of Himalayas. The first few days will be very challenging with muscular pains but you will overcome it as time goes on. Your weight will not be the same after spending some days there.

Enjoy Your Simplicity

A trek at Himalayas is enjoyable when you go with a tour company or in a group. The tour company would handle all your needs. You will gain the freedom to explore without hindrance. The heaviest thing you would have to handle will be a bottle of water to quench your thirst while trekking.

You Will Experience Different Culture

You will get to experience a whole lot of culture and different way of living from the Sherpas while at Himalaya. They are also great people who entertain and treat foreigners with a kind heart. They will gracefully carry your pack and walk you through your destination.

Watching the Stars

One of the interesting side of trekking in the Himalayas is the breath taking display of stars at night. The stars can be seen when you plan your trip around a new moon. If not for nothing, you will have on of the most satisfying stargazing experience.

You Will Meet Different People

You won’t only have a memorable experience with the Sherpas, but also with people from all walks of life. Meeting people from different countries would afford you the opportunity to learn few words of a new language.  This happens after the when visitors converge at teahouse to chat over a tea.

Less Budget

Unlike other attraction places, a visit to Himalayas is not expensive. The hotels there are not luxurious, which will cost you a fortune. In addition, area has many surrounding villages so you can rely on the village folks for your meal and accommodation. This can make the trip not only enjoyable but also less expensive.