The Oscars is something the world looks forward to with bated breath and excitement. It is not just the feeling one gets while watching their favourite actor or director walk up to the stage and hold the statuette. It’s also about what the Academy represents and what goes behind its planning.

Here is a look into some fun facts about this much acclaimed award show.

1) The Mystery Name:

It would probably be a moment of truth when all of us realize that the Oscars were never really called so until 1939. The Oscar statuette was initially named the “Academy Award of Merit” but eventually started being nicknamed what is now known as the “Oscars,” until it was officially adopted by the Academy as well.

2) A Tie-Breaker:

So far, the Oscars have seen six tiebreakers, each of them equally exciting. The first ever tie happened at the fifth Academy awards between actors Fredric March and Wallace Beery for the title of best actor.

3) Keeping a Tight Lip:

Ever wondered why the results of winners came in sealed envelopes? The Los Angeles Times has something to do with it. Until 1940, the Academy would share the list of winners to the press on a promise that they would not reveal it until the former had announced it. But the LA Times broke the fact and the Academy discontinued the practice.

4) The Meryl Streep Magic:

The Oscars is never complete without some Meryl Streep charm. She is recognized as the highest nominated actor in the history of the awards and has won the award thrice for Best Actress in a leading role. Her first win came in 1980 for her role in the movie Kramer vs Kramer.

5) Posthumous Honors:

To this day, the only two actors to have won awards in the category of best actors are Peter Finch, for his role in the movie Network in the year 1976, and Heath Ledger, for his stunning portrayal in The Dark Knight, 2008. Apart from acting, there have been many other names nominated posthumously, in other categories.

6) Two for One:

Talk about a double fortune! Something about the movie Godfather and its sequel, has made it a people’s favourite and the Academy favourite. For the first time ever, Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro became the only actors to have bagged an Oscar for portraying the same character, in this case, of Vita Corleone from the said movie.

7) Not Ones for Talk:

You don’t always talk to convey your message. Your acting does it for you. Reinstating the power of this skill were actors jane Wyman, Sir John Mills and Holly Hunter, who earned awards for roles that portrayed deaf or mute characters.