Women are known to be jugglers and multi-taskers. And while life gets in the way too often, it does not mean having to compromise a steady income to get other things done. Here is a list of seven jobs that can help generate a significant income within the comfort of your homes :

1.  Online tutoring :

If sharing your knowledge sounds like something you wouldn’t have to think twice about, then online tutoring is a side hustle that can be extremely rewarding. While most websites require classroom teaching experience in order to be listed, some other sites only require degree certificates and be convinced of your knowledge in a particular field.

2. Freelance writing/editing/proofreading :

There are plenty of opportunities for this around the globe. And with apps like Google docs, syncing your work real-time with someone sitting in a totally different country becomes effortless. Job seekers can look for gigs based on their writing niches and rates are often based on hourly basis or as per word count.

3. Affiliate marketing :

An increasingly preferred side gig, affiliate marketing earns you a certain percentage of a product’s price when someone you referred buys any product based on your recommendation, online. The commission can vary from as low as $1 to as high as $10,000, depending on the product in question.

4. Blogging/vlogging :

It could be your passion for baking or makeup or science or arts or literature – the sky is the limit for bloggers! Turn what you love into something that can help earn extra bucks through recording and sharing your experience in written format (blog posts) or through videos. While the money earned could vary, being creative and consistent can help you scale.

5.  Virtual assistant :

Being a virtual assistant means extending your services remotely in creative, technical or administrative tasks. This is often preferred by clients for the benefits reaped over hiring full-time employees, which could be both laborious and expensive. VAs can easily earn more depending on the industry chosen.

6. Baking/catering :

Turning something as fun as baking into a potential full-time job is equally exciting and rewarding. Additionally, with a business website and consistent social media presence, gaining clients become exponentially easier.

7. AirBnB hosting :

Love meeting new people and listening to their stories? With AirBnB hosting, all you need to do is list your space on their site and do your part to keep it on top of the pole. This could mean responding to queries promptly, posting pictures of your space, maintaining a clean and comfortable place and even offering a few complimentary services (if you’d like).

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