As much as we’d swear by the old adage “Forbidden fruits taste the sweetest”, there are some things that remain too elusive for human reach. Here are seven places in India that are restricted to visitors :

  • Aksai Chin, Jammu & Kashmir :

    Beautiful Places in India You Are Not Allowed to Visit

    This much disputed line of actual control separating India and China remains a subject of discussion to this day. Situated almost 4000m above the sea level, this region lies between the Karakoram and Kun Lun ranges, possessing a huge number of soda lakes.

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  • Nicobar Islands :

    Nicobar Islands

    This island group is part of the Indian Ocean and remains vulnerable to human invasion due to its tribal communities and other sensitive security reasons. Visiting this island for purposes like research, require special permission from the government.

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  • Malana Village, Himachal Pradesh :

    Malana Village, Himachal Pradesh

    This hippie paradise has attracted people from across the globe for its quality cannabis. But that is not all, because Malana boasts of being one of the oldest democracies, having its own culture and practices that remains secluded from those of the fast-paced cities of India.

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  • Siachen Glacier :

    Siachen Glacier

    Located in the eastern part of the Himalayas, this region has been long disputed since the India-Pak Siachen war. It is considered to be the highest region where war has been fought sporadically between two countries.

  • Barren Islands, Andaman :

    Barren Islands, Andaman

    Named after the Barren Volcano, known to be one of the only active volcanoes in South Asia, this island has long remained a mystery for obvious factors. The most recent volcanic eruption was reported in 2017, while the one preceding it, in 1991, caused quite significant damage to the island’s flora and fauna. The island is believed to be over a million years old.

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  • Silent Valley National Park, Kerala :

    Silent Valley National Park

    One of the best preserved tropical rainforests in the country, Silent Valley is home to rare and diverse species, and was recognized by the UNESCO in 2007. It has to be kept in mind that only jeeps or vehicles of the forest department are permitted to ply here.

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  • Kongka La Pass, Ladakh :

    For the lot that find UFOs and extraterrestrial beings fascinating, the Kongka La Pass and its stories are sure to leave you dazed. It is one of the least accessed regions in the world and is where India and China waged war back in 1962.

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