The Great Wall of China is a symbol of the Chinese and their culture. It was built for security purposes, to protect the Chinese empire from the Mongolians and other invaders. It’s the longest and biggest construction of ancient times. The great wall was constructed during the Qin Dynasty. Here are seven facts about the Great Wall of China.

1. Rice Flour

These days we use a mixture of cement and sand to bind bricks in construction .Those days glutinous rice flour was the raw material that was used to bind the bricks in the construction of the great wall. This was around 221-207BC during The Qin Dynasty.

2. The Ming Dynasty

The construction of the Great Wall of China was initiated by The Qin Dynasty but, The Ming Dynasty is responsible for building a bigger section of the Great Wall of China. It’s also the final point of the Great Wall made of brick and characterized by many tall watch towers.

3. The Longest Cemetery

Millions of construction workers lost their lives while building the Great Wall of China. Over the years human remains have been discovered by archeologists buried under sections of the wall. That is why it’s christened the longest cemetery in the world.

4. The Visibility Myth

Two centuries ago a story emerged that man could visualize the Great Wall of China from space with the naked eye. This was before any man had set foot in space. It was first recorded in the Family Memoirs by William Stukeley in 1754. To date no astronauts has been able to confirm this allegation.

5. A Tourist attraction

The Great Wall of China is one of the world’s seven wonders. This makes it a major tourist attraction. Every year millions tour the Great Wall of China. The most famous part of the wall is Badaling. The wall was also listed as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1987.

6. One can Drive or Hike

There are parts of the great wall that are wide enough to drive on. People also go to hike on the Great Wall of China. They are discouraged to go hiking on the unspoiled wall off the beaten path.

7. MenJiangnu’s Travail

Legend has it that Meng Jiangnu wept bitterly after losing her husband Fan Xiliang who was a construction worker, at the great wall. She wept until a section of the Great Wall collapsed exposing the remains of her husband for her to burry.

From these facts it’s easy to get convinced to visit the Great Wall of China so you can get a one on one experience of these and many more stories related to it. The best time to visit is in early summer and autumn.