Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States is alleged to have several mistresses aside from his wife Ivana Trump. The names go on and one, but our focus today will be on Jackie Siegel.  But is Jackie really a girlfriend of Trump?

7 Proves that Jackie Siegel is a girlfriend of Donald Trump :

  • The Fact That She Is A Model

Donald Trump seems to have a great taste for women who are models.  This is because checking his list of former girlfriends, most of them are models. It is therefore not surprising to know that Jackie Siegel is also a model, beauty pageant and actress. Does this ring a bell?

  • Confession

From the horse’s own mouth, Jackie, currently claimed that she had some brief encounter with Trump in the 1990’s. In an interview with HuffPost Live, she admitted that the two went on a date a couple of times and partied together. Jackie Siegel gained popularity as she starred in Queen of Versailles.

  • Time Together

Jackie was frank to note that Trump invited her to parties and to Mar-a-Lago. They actually have some fun together.

  • Involvement in Trump’s Campaign

Jackie took an active part in Trump’s campaign during the 2016 Presidential election. She supported the campaign in diverse ways.

  • What She Says About Trump

Jackie asserted in an interview that, Trump is a great person and acknowledged his charisma and persona. She was also very happy that the two are still friends and has a great personal relationship. Jackie also stated that Trump sent the family a note of congratulation upon the construction of their home.

Jackie Siegel – Girlfriend of Donald Trump

  • Things in Common

Trump and the Siegel family aside from having a good relationship, seems to have some things in common. Both families have made some investment in real estate. Jackie’s husband, David Siegel is a timeshare mogul who made a fortune on real estate deals.

  • Jackie’s Attraction To Rich Men With Big Houses

Jackie seems to like men who have made fortunes and have huge mansions. Checking from her current marriage, husband David is a mogul and the family is currently building a $90,000-square-foot mansion, taking inspiration from the Palace of Versailles in France.