The internet has been flooded with rumours that Hope Hicks is the girlfriend of President Donald Trump. These rumours did not start in a vacuum as there are several related issues, being a coincidence or not, which actually gives credence to the rumours.

7 Reasons that suggest Hope Hicks is girlfriend of Donald Trump :

  • How Hicks Relation With The Trump’s Started

Hope Hicks, started her professional career as a model. Not until 2012, Hicks was into public relations and worked for Ivanka Trump, on expanding her fashion line. She later became a full-time worker for Ivanka and modelled for her website.

  • A Communication Member Of Trump Campaign

While working with Ivanka, Hicks potentials were identified by Donald Trump and offered her a position in his campaign in 2014. The rest is history as she since became a very close associate of Trump and one of his trusted aides.

  • Closeness To Trump

Hicks’ closeness to Donald Trump and her rise in position at the White House has since raised “eyebrows” and become a subject of rumours. She had no experience in politic but is currently very influential in the White House.

  • A Creation Of Office For Her

After Trump was sworn into office, Hicks was created the position, White House Director of Strategic Communication, serving from January to September 2017. She has since succeeded Anthony Scaramucci as the White House Communication. She is currently the highest paid, White House official. Isn’t this more than a coincidence?

  • Pet Name

Trump and Hicks share a strong bond to the extent that, he calls her by the nickname “Hopester”. Well, this can be just a friendly gesture, but more meanings have been read into it. Is just like two lovebirds giving each other a pet name.

  • How She Talks About Trump

Hicks talks about Trump so passionate like a teen in love. She is able to describe him perfectly for him to look like an angel. Hicks seems to be so much in love with Trump’s impeccable communication skills and a great sense of honour, as she terms it.

  • Trump’s Confidant

Hicks is both an eye and ear for Trump or just call it the gatekeeper. Her good judgement and advise has always been admired by Trump.