Time Period : 1558 – 1603

Location : England, UK

Monarch(s) : Elizabeth I

Preceded by : Tudor period

Followed by : Jacobean era

The reign of Queen Elizabeth, from 1558 to 1603, is the period known as the Elizabethan. The period is also referred to as the golden age in England. During this era, the kingdom prospered in almost every sector.

7 Interesting Facts about the Elizabethan Era :

An Era with lot of Conspiracies

There were several plots to kill the Queen, who was a Protestant and be replaced by a Catholic. These plots include the Ridolfi plot in 1570, the Throckmorton Plot in 1584 and the Babington Plot. The latter plot led to the execution of Mary, Queen of Scot. She was a Catholic and was to replace the Queen if the plot had succeeded.

Water was in Scares

Most of the British people in that era drank cider, beer or wine in place of water. This was because most of the water bodies were contaminated and not safe for drinking. The alcohol content in the beverage also served as an anti-bacterial and anti-germ.

Shakespeare’s First Play was Published in this Era

The Queen invested heavily in these sectors and built the city’s first theatre. Shakespeare was among the poets who benefited in her era. It is during the time he published his first play “Henry IV”.  The play was published close to the end of the reign of Elizabeth.

Elizabethan period

There were Six Established Class in this Era

The era was classified into six groupings. The six classes were the nobility, the gentry, the merchant class, the yeoman class, and laborers. Each class also had a prescribed colour of clothes for easy identification.

Introduction of Different Cuisines

During this time Britain explored the new world after becoming a naval power. Through this explorations, different kinds of foods were introduced in England. The people for the first time tasted avocados, chocolate and cinnamon among others.

Witch Hangings

Practicing of witchcraft was a crime punishable by death. This was an era were the country experienced a various degree of fear due to witchcraft. Those found guilty of the act were hanged.

The Period Lasted for 45 Years

The Elizabethan period lasted from 1558 to 1603, which is 45 years. This period is seen as one of the vital in the history of Britain. It was during the era that the Church of England declared independence from the Catholic Church.