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Full Name : Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator

Dynasty : Ptolemaic

born : 70/69 bce in Alexandria, Egypt

Died : August 30 bce, Alexandria, Egypt

Reign : 51BC – 30 BC (21 years)

Predecessor : Ptolemy XII Auletes

Successor : Ptolemy XV Caesarion

Cleopatra is regarded as the last Pharaoh of Egypt after which the Romans Empire took over Egypt. She died by suicide when she inflicted herself with a cobra bite. She died in Alexandra inside a mausoleum.

7 Amazing Facts About Cleopatra :

1. She was Born From Incest

As it was done in the ancient days, people from royal families preferred to intermarriages to preserve their bloodline. It is believed that her parents were siblings and married to keep customs. This makes Cleopatra a product of incest.

2. She Married her Blood Siblings

She married two of his brothers who acted as proxy kings. She first married his elder brother Ptolemy XIII who became a co-ruler of Egypt. After his death, she married Ptolemy XIV, her younger brother.

3. She Was Not a Native of Egypt

Even though she was born in Egypt, she was not ethnically Egyptian. She is of Macedonian Greece origin and a descendant of Ptolemy I Soter. Ptolemy was one of the generals of Alexander the Great who took over the rule of Egypt after the death of Alexander.

A posthumous painted portrait of Cleopatra VII

A posthumous painted portrait of Cleopatra VII

4. She Murdered Her Sibling and Close Relatives to be in Power

Murder was the order of the day in the ancient time for people to keep power or ascend to a throne. Cleopatra did just that to become the sole ruler of Egypt. She shared power with her brother/husband Ptolemy XIII, and attempted to murder him leading to a civil war. Ptolemy died by drowning in River Nile. She then married his younger brother Ptolemy XIV, and had him killed. She also planned the execution of her sister Arsinoe.

5. She Dated Two Roman Emperors

She is believed to have a charming look and very cunning. She had romantic affair with two Roman Emperors, Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. She had a son with Caesar and three children with Mark Anthony.

6. The Inimitable Livers

Cleopatra and Mark Anthony did not only have romantic affair but also shared some interest together. They are believed to have formed the drinking club, Inimitable Livers, which was in nightly feast. The group also engaged in games and contest.

7. She Killed Herself

After Octavian forces defeated Egypt and Mark Anthony’s forces, they went after Cleopatra and Anthony. To prevent being captured alive, Anthony stabbed himself to death while Cleopatra died by inducing a cobra bite on herself.