“Love lasts a long time but burning desire lasts two to three weeks”

Full Name : Carla Bruni Sarkozy

Born : December23 1967 in Turin, Italy

Nationality : French and Italian

Spouse(s) : Nicolas Sarkozy

Children : 2

Known For : Singer, Modeller & Wife of former France President Nicolas Sarkozy

Also according to Forbes, in 2010 Bruni selected as the 35th most powerfull woman in the world.

Awards:  European Border Breakers Award (EBBA) in 2004

There we go again, I am back with another rumoured girlfriend of Donald Trump. This time it is Carla Bruni, an Italian-French model, singer and songwriter. Does the mentioning of a model ring a bell?

Here are seven reasons that make it possible Carla and Trump were lovers:

She was a Model

Re-echoing that Trump is attracted to models may sound very boring, but that is the fact. Just check the list of his former lovers and one profession will keep appearing “modelling”. So even the fact that she was a model makes her a potential lover of Trump.

Rumours that Trump wanted to leave Marla Maples for her

In 1901, there were several rumours that Trump was leaving Marla Maples for Carla. This became a big issue, but in a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Carla blasted Trump and his wife. She also claimed the rumours were false and orchestrated by Trump.

Trump says good thing about her

This is very uncharacteristic of Trump because praising women is not a usual thing he does. However, he always has something good to say about her. He recently claimed Carla found it difficult getting over her ex, Mick Jagger, and that made her intolerable.

Carla has a long list of rich exes

Checking her list of exes, Carla seems to be more attracted to the rich and famous. Aside from her perceived involvement with Trump, she was married to Former France President, Nicola Sarkozy. She also has other rich ex-lovers.

Carla Bruni - girlfriend of Donald Trump

Early Career

President and creative director of Guess? Inc. discovered Carla in 1987 and that was the beginning of her modelling career. She modelled for Guess jeans and later worked with others like Christian Dior, Versace, Chanel and Givenchy among others.

Music Career

Carla left the fashion industry and went into music in 1997. She, however, released her debut album, Quelqu’un m’a dit in 2002.

Former First Lady of France

After breaking up with Raphael Enthoven, Carla got married to Nicolas Sarkozy, former France president in 2008. She was with Nicolas through his last five years in office. She was given an office “Madame’s wing” at the east wing of the Elysee Palace.