William C. Campbell is an Irish and American biologist and parasitologist. Campbell received the noble prize which is considered to be the most prestigious award in one life in the year 2015 for the field of physiology or medicine. However, he jointly shared the award with Satoshi Omura and Youyou for the discovery related to a novel therapy in fighting the infection that is caused by roundworm parasites.

Full Name : William Cecil Campbell

Born : June 28, 1930

Father : R. J. Campbell

Wife : Mary Mastin Campbell

Nationality : Irish, American

Fields : Parasitic diseases

Awards :

President of the American Society for Parasitologists(1987)

Elected to the National Academy of Sciences(2002)

ASP Distinguished Service Award from the American Society for Parasitologists(2008)

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2015)

Amazing Facts about William C. Campbell :

William C. Campbell

Discovered Class of Drugs

-Campbell helped in the discovery of a class of drugs which is named as avermectins. The derivatives of the drugs are known to have extraordinary efficacy that can be used for the treatment of river blindness and Lymphatic filariasis.

Third Son of His Parents

– His father R.J Campbell was a farm supplier, and William is his third son. Passing from higher school, he took admission in Trinity College that is located in Dublin. He graduated from the college in the year 1952 with first class in the field of zoology.

Ph.D. Degree In 1957

– After he was graduated from the trinity college, he then attended Wisconsin University where she studied under Fulbright scholarship. He got his Ph.D. degree from there in the year 1957 for his work on a liver fluke which is a parasite affecting sheep.

Assay Research and Development Senior Scientist

– In between 1857 and 1990 Campbell was associated with Merck Institute for therapeutic research. After that in the year 1984, he became a senior scientist with the assay research. With the objective to wipe out parasitic viral disease he teamed up with Merck here.

William C. Campbell

Widely Known for His Work on Parasitic Disease

– William is popularly known for his work in parasitic diseases. Campbell along with Merck (another scientist in the same field) teamed up for studying and examining Omura culture as well testing their effectiveness in the treatment of parasites in domestic as well as farm animals.

Involved In Drug Donation Program

– His fellow Merck decided to donate Mectizan to the countries that were developing in the year 1987. It was Campbell who was instrumental in taking that decision, along with the WHO both was successful upon creation of an unprecedented program for drug donation.

Awarded Noble Prize

– Campbell jointly shares the noble prize which he received in the year 2015 for medicine or physiology. He is widely known as a biologist and is famous for his work for the discovery of therapy to fight against infections that are caused by roundworms.