“Our industry does not respect tradition – it only respects innovation.”

Full Name : Satya Narayana Nadella

Born : August 19, 1967 in Hyderabad, Telangana

Father : Bukkapuram Nadella Yugandher

Mother : Prabhavati Yugandhar

Famous For : CEO of Microsoft Corporation(2014 – till now)

Spouse(s) : Anupama Priya Nadella

Children : 3

Satya Nadella is the Microsoft current CEO. Satya was made Microsoft CEO in February 2014. His father was a former IAS officer. What factors make him unique? How did he make it in life and business? These seven facts will shed a light into the life of a man who ascended to the CEO office with no experience.

7 Amazing Facts about Satya Nadella’s Life and Business :

1. Satya is Microsoft’s Longtime Employee

He joined Microsoft in 1992. He is therefore among the longest-serving employees of the company. Satya is an electronics engineer and holds a degree in business administration. He was the executive vice president of Microsoft cloud and Enterprise group.

2. He loves Seeking Knowledge

Satya’s love for knowledge is so immense. He admits to buying more books than he can read and enrolling in more courses than he can manage. Among the numerous courses he takes is neuroscience. He went to Hyderabad public school. He went on to study electronics and communications engineering at Manipal University. Has a Masters in computer science at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He also got an MBA from the University of Chicago.

3. An Avid Cricket Player and Fan

Satya played cricket in his school team. In his opinion, the many subplots in the cricket game are like reading a Russian novel. He once said that the game taught him teamwork and leadership skills. He is a big fan of Seattle Seahawks.

4. CEO with No Experience

Satya Ndella was appointed CEO with no previous experience. Bear in mind that, the position had been applied for by candidates who had a wealth of experience. He had been in charge of various successful divisions at the company. Bill Gates had to continue working with him even after stepping down as CEO.

5. A Rich Personal Life

Satya Nadela is married to his schoolmate Anupama. They got married in 1992, the year that Satya joined Microsoft. They have three children, Divya, Tara, and Zain Nadella. Their home is in Bellevue Washington. He loves reading poetry. He has authored a book titled “Hit Rush” which explores his life.

6. Marked with Controversy

No man is perfect. So is Nadella. In October 2014. At a woman in computing event in Phoenix AZ, he made a statement against women. He said that women should not ask for pay rise instead they should trust the process. This irked the women and he was criticized severely. He latter apologized via Twitter. He letter wrote an email to Microsoft employees admitting he was wrong.

7. His Mentor

Like most successful people, Satya had a mentor who helped him settle and take up his new role as CEO. Bill Gates was his mentor. He helped him with product decisions. Despite being his mentor, Bill Gates advised Satya not to be like him. This helped him develop his own style of leadership.

Looking at these facts it’s clear that, Satya deserved the position of CEO. Despite his lack of experience, he has steered Microsoft to greater heights.

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