Prince Charles is the heir apparent to the British throne. He is the first child of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Cornwall and Rothesay. He was created  Prince of Wales in 1958 and has become the longest serving of that position.

7 Interesting Facts about Prince Charles :

First Royal not to be Private Tutored

Charles was the first royal to attend school instead of having a private tutor. He started his formal education at Cheam and later at Gordonstoun Schools. His father attended these same schools as a child. Charles also went to Geelong Grammer School in Victoria, Australia.

First British Royal to Earn a Degree

It is worth to know that Prince Charles is the first British royal to earn a degree. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity College, Cambridge. After his education, he served in the Royal Navy from 1971 to 1976.

The Ex Husband of Lady Diana

Prince Charles was the ex-husband of Lady Diana who died in a tragic accident in Paris. The couple divorced after the extra marital affairs of the two came out. Charles and Diana had two sons, Prince Williams and Prince Harry.

First Child of Queen Elizabeth

Prince Charles is the first child of the then Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. His grandparents were King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Charles was born on 9:14 PM at the Buckingham Palace.

Heir Apparent

Charles became the heir apparent to the British throne after his mother Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1952. After becoming the heir apparent, he became the Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland.

He was a Womanizer growing up

Charles was involved in many romantic affairs in his youthful age. He was involved in women including Georgina Russell, the daughter of a former British Ambassador to Spain. Others are Lady Jane Wellesley, Lady Sarah Spenser, Davina Sheffield and Camilla Shand.

Philanthropic Works

Charles has undertaken several charity works. In 1976, he established The Prince’s Trust and has since founded 16 other charity organisations. These organisations make up the largest multi-cause charity organisations in the UK. It is able to raise over £100 each year.