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Full Name : Michael Joseph Jackson

Born : 29 August 1958 in Gary, Indiana, U.S

Died : 25 June 2009 (aged 50) in Los Angeles, California, U.S

Nationality : American

Religion : Christian

Father : Joe Jackson

Mother : Katherine Jackson

Spouse(s) : Debbie Rowe(m. 1996-1999), Lisa Marie Presley(m. 1994-1996)

Children : 3, Prince Michael Jackson II(son), Paris Jackson(Daughter), Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr.(son)

Hobbies : Basketball, Reading

Occupation : Singer, Dancer, Songwriter

Honors and Awards :

Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1980
13 Grammy Awards
Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in 1988
Diamond Award in 2006
British Video Award 1989 and many more

7 unknown interesting fact about the anti-gravity shoe

Michael Jackson affectionately called the King of Pop through his ingenuity came up with the anti-gravity shoe, which enabled him to bend up to 45 degrees while dancing.

Dance moves

Michael Jackson wasn’t just a great singer but also a prolific dancer. He coined several dance moves to suit his style of music. All he needed for his performance was just the microphone and his dancing shoes. Some of his popular dance moves include the moon walk, circle slide and the spin among others.

Smooth Criminal

In 1987, Michael Jackson came out with the song Smooth Criminal and device a dancing routine alongside the song. The catchy concept of the dance was his ability to lean 45 degrees forward in his video, defying the law of gravity and that become a talk in town at the period.

Invention of the anti-gravity Shoe

Achieving this “miraculous” dancing routine in his video with wires, Michael Jackson wanted to replicate the dancing moves during his live shows and this resulted in the creation of the anti-gravity shoe. Along with other co-inventors, the King of Pop came up with the idea and developed the shoe.

How it Works

The shoe had a slot in its heels, which made it possible to engage with a peg that would be projected on the stage floor. Michael will then able to slot the heels with the peg making it possible to bend. Despite that, the performer would have to maintain a good balance by strengthening the legs and upper body.

Patenting of the Shoes

After a successful development of the shoes, Michael and his other two inventors applied to patent the right of the shoe. In 1993, they were issued a US patent for the shoes and its heels.

The Unfortunate Day

Everything went on well and the shoes worked perfectly until that unfortunate moment in Moscow. In September 1996, Michael had a concert in Moscow where he tried to exhibit the signature-dancing move. Unfortunately, one of the heels disconnected with its peg and guess what happened. The rest is just history, as he couldn’t fly the normal way. This resulted in the rework of the patented design.

What happened to the Failed Shoes?

After betraying Michael, the shoes got into the hands of the Moscow branch of the Hard Rock Café. The shoes remained there until the death of Michael Jackson. It was later auctioned and was purchased around $600,000.