Lukas Walton is an American billionaire and the heir of Wal-Mart founded by his grandfather Sam Walton. He inherited his father John Walton, who died in a plane crash in 2005.

Born : March 22, 1986

Nationality : American

Father : John T. Walton

Mother : Christy Walton

Net worth : According forbes $15.6 billion (December 2017)

7 Interesting Facts About American Billionaires Lukas Walton :

1) Only Child of his Parents

Walton was the only child of John Walton and Christy Walton. As a child, he was able to survive cancer. He spent some of his early life in National City, California and later moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In 2010, he graduated from the Colorado College with a Bachelor degree in environmentally sustainable business.

2) Career

Lukas Walton was involved in his family businesses. He started a career at True North Venture Partners, which was founded by his father. He later worked at the Walton Family Foundation, also a subsidery of the family business.

3) Inherited His Father

After the death of his father in 2005, Lukas inherited about one-third of his father’s fortune. This including stakes in Wal-Mart, 8 percent interest in Arvest Bank and 22 percent of First Solar. Despite his huge interest in the mentioned companies, Walton has worked in none of them.

4) Net Worth

Forbes estimates Lukas’s worth to be around $16.5 billion. In a publication by Bloomberg in 2015, he was estimated at 11 billion and this will increase to about $25 billion when trusts are included. His actual worth is not known and the above calculations were derived using some indicators.

5) Source of Worth

Lukas source of worth is primarily through his inheritance. Having acquired 4 percent stake in Wal-Mart, which is considered as the biggest retailer in the world. His stakes are managed by the family holding companies including, Bentonville, Arkansas-based Walton Enterprises and the Walton Family Holding Trust.

6) Personal Life

Lukas does not live a public life and therefore much is not known about his personal life. However it can be confirmed that he is currently single.

7) What his worth can buy

Lukas worth can buy him 13.2M troy ounces of gold and 263M barrels of crude oil. He worth is equivalent to 0.0891% of the GDP of the United States.