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Sir Isaac Newton is one of the most influential and greatest scientists of all time who brought scientific revolution for the next three centuries. Newton’s Principia formulated the universal gravitation and laws of motion. Also the first practical reflecting telescope was built by Newton.

Full Name : Isaac Newton

Born : 25 December 1642 in Woolsthorpe, England, United Kingdom

Died : 20 March 1726 in Kensington, Middlesex, England(aged 84)

Father : Isaac Newton Sr.

Mother : Hannah Ayscough

Married : No

Nationality : English

Most influential book on physics : Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy)

Principia written in : Latin language

Principia published : 5 July 1687

Invention : Reflecting Telescope

Award : Knight Bachelor in 1705 and FRS in 1672

Interesting Facts about Sir Isaac Newton :

IsaacNewtonThe Real Apple Thing

– You may be familiar with the story that Newton was sitting under the tree and apple fell on his head, however, the story is not like that. According to Newton he was merely looking out from the window and saw the apple drop and formulate the theory of gravity .

 Premature Baby and Was Difficult to Survive

– Newton was a premature baby, and it was difficult to make him survive. He born on the day of Christmas and his name was given after the death of his father. Being a premature baby, Newton was so small in size that he could even fit inside the quart mug.

 Born To a Farmer Family

– When Newton was 17 years of age his mother insisted him to join their farm after he returned from his school. So he did farming for a while, but it was Henry Stokes, a master at the King’s School, persuaded his mother to send him back to school so that he might complete his education.

Believed In God

– After the discovery of the universal gravitation and the laws of the motion, some so many people argued about the existence of God.  However, it was none other than him who took the initiative to clarify the doubt to the people by saying that he believes in god.

Obsessed With the Holy Book Bible

– We know Newton as one the greatest scientist who is known for the discovery of so many things. But Newton wrote more about the religion than his work on science and mathematics. The holy book bible is considered to be Sir Issac Newton greatest love and passion.

Member of the Parliament

– In the year 1689 Newton was elected as a member of the parliament. Being a member, he served the nation for a year. However, it was reported in his one-year political career he just uttered only a single sentence.

He Was An Alchemist

There is no doubt of Newton brilliance in the field of science however it was reported that Newton had a great interest in alchemist. He performed many experiments to proceed further with that field.