Full Name : Gherman Stepanovich Titov

Nationality : Russian

Born : 11th September 1935 in Verkhneye Zhilino, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

Died : 20th September 2000 in Moscow, Russia(aged 65)

Spouse : Tamara Titova

Children : Tatyana Titova, Igor Titov, Galina Titova

Mission : Vostok 2

Honours & Awards : Order of Lenin, Hero of the Soviet Union, Pilot-cosmonaut of the Soviet Union and many more

7 Facts About the Youngest Astronaut Gherman Titov :

Gherman Titov was a Soviet astronaut and the second human to orbit the earth after Yuri Gagarin. He was also the fourth person to go to space. His journey to space proved that human can live and work in space.

1. Youngest Astronaut to be in Space

Titov holds the record of being the youngest astronaut to fly to space. Prior to his journey, he was just about 26 years old. After spending more than a day in space, it was proven that human could live and work in space.

2. Journey to Space

Titov’s journey to space came with a lot of records. Journeying on the Vostok 2 In 1961, he became the second person to orbit the Earth. That aside, he became the first person to make that orbit in multiple times. He makes a total of 17 orbits and spent more than a day in space.

3. First to Pilot a Spaceship

Titov became the first astronaut to personally pilot a spaceship to space. He was the first astronaut to make manual photographs from orbit. That aside, he filmed the earth for ten minutes using Konvas-Avtomat movie camera.

4. First to Sleep in Space

Orbiting for 25.3 hours, Titov became the first astronaut to sleep in space. He is considered to have one orbit out of the 17 orbits. According to him, he woke up with his hands floating in the air due to the loss of gravity.

5. Education

Titov started his education at the Stalingrad Military Aviation School. It was after his graduation in 1960, that he was selected for training in cosmonaut. Just after his training, he made the journey to space.

6. Recognition

Titov received several awards and honours for his contribution to as an astronaut. He was given the title Hero of the Soviet Union and had two Orders of Lenin. The Titov crater is his honour. ??complete the sentence.

7. I Didn’t See God in Space

After his return from space Titov was asked by reporters if the journey has affected his philosophy towards life. In his reply, he stated that he saw neither God nor angels there. He tried his best looking around but saw no one.