Born : 20th January, 1930 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, U.S

Nationality : American

Father : Edwin Eugene Aldrin Sr.

Mother : Marion Aldrin

Spouse(s) : Lois Driggs Cannon, Beverly Van Zile and Joan Ann Archer

Children : 3

Missions : Gemini 12, Apollo 11

Awards : NASA Exceptional Service Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross with cluster, Air Medal with two clusters, Air Force Commendation Medal, Presidential Medal of Freedom, NASA Distinguished Service Medal and many more.

Buzz Aldrin is the “second” man to step on the moon after Neil Armstrong. He was on the mission with Armstrong on the Apollo 11 trip. Aldrin was an engineer, command pilot and astronaut.

7 Interesting facts about Buzz Aldrin :

1. Second To Land on the Moon

During the mission of Apollo 11 to the Lunar, the craft was designed in a way that Armstrong will be the first to step out before any other person. On July 21, 1969, at exactly 03:15:16, Aldrin set foot on the Moon become the second person to do that.

2. On Gemini 12

Gemini 12 was his first mission to space. It was through the trip that he proved that extravehicular activity can be done by an astronaut. He spent more than five hours outside his craft. His mission paved way for the Apollo program.

3. He was a Scout Boy

Aldrin was a scout boy during his childhood years. His interest may have resulted from the fact that his dad was a military personnel. He reached the rank of Tenderfoot Scout.

4. He Rejected His Scholarship Scheme

He had his education at the Montclair High School, where he graduated in 1947. After his graduation, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offered him a scholarship, which he turned down. He rather chose to attend the United States Military Academy.

5. Military Career

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering, he was drafted into the United States Air Force as a second lieutenant. During the Korean War, he served as a jet fighter pilot, flying 66 combat mission. He was able to shoot down two Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 aircraft.

6. Career at NASA

Aldrin made it into the NASA Astronaut Group 3 in 1963. He gained promotion into the back crew for Gemini 12 mission after the death of Elliot See and Charles Basset during a crash. He was later confirmed as the pilot for the mission.

7. Personal Life

Aldrin has married three times first to Joan Archer, with whom he had three children. After their divorce, he married Beverly Zile followed by Driggs Cannon, his third wife. The couple finally divorced in 2012. His parents committed suicide due to depression.

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