“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

Born : 14 March, 1879 at Ulm in Württemberg, Germany

Died : 18 April 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.

Father : Hermann Einstein

Mother : Pauline Einstein

Nationality : American, German, Swiss

Spouse(s) : Elsa Einstein and Mileva Marić

Fields : Physics and Philosophy

Famous For : Theory of Relativity and Brownian Motion and many more.

Awards :

Nobel Prize in Physics(1921)
Franklin Medal(1935)
Honorary degree
Copley Medal(1925) and many more.

7 Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein :

Albert Einstein is one of the most popular scientists of 20th century’s . He received Nobel Prize for the Discovery of the law of photoelectric effect.

1) Compass and geometry changed his life

-Later Einstein would write that he had ‘two wonders’ in his early life. The first one was a compass he got acquainted when he was five. The second one came alongside with the geometry book, which he considered as the most sacred book of his life.

2) Was very religious before science came into his life

–  When Einstein was 12, he dived into religion and even wrote songs dedicated to God. But over time this authority was undermined: scientific books influenced Albert’s beliefs very much and made him more skeptical.

3) Like many famous inventors, got bad marks at school

– Despite all his further achievements, Albert was far from the brightest person in his class. He often debated with teachers and spoke out against the existing educational system based on the mechanical memorizing. Only math was the exception.

4) 1905 Became his “Year Of Miracle”

-Since 1900, after graduation, Einstein’s life started to get tougher. He didn’t get the job, he couldn’t marry the girl he was into at that moment. The year of 1905 Albert called “the miracle year” because he published four works which became a starting point for his further achievements and scientific career.

Einstein with his wife Elsa

Einstein with his wife Elsa

5) Developed the theory of relativity

-There were other scientists who had worked in this field before Albert, but it was him who gathered all pieces of the theory together and presented it not as a myth or coincidence, but as the universal law of nature.

6) Became the Nobel Laureate in 1921

-It’s not the theory of relativity that helped Einstein to win the Nobel prize. Albert was nominated many times, but the committee always came across some hesitation. Albert’s theory was way too revolutionary. Finally, they decided to award him for the explanation of the photoelectric effect.

7) His name became a common noun

-According to the research conducted by Princeton, Albert’s last name is considered as a synonym to “genius”. It’s a rare case when the scientist or inventor not just left behind a huge legacy but even managed to leave his name on the crowd’s tongue.