Full Name : Heath Cliff Andrew Ledger

Born : April 4, 1979 in Perth, WA, Australia

Father : Kim Ledger, a mining engineer and racecar driver

Mother : Sally Ledger, a French teacher

Died : 22 January 2008

Heather ledger’s full names are Heath Cliff Andrew Ledger. He was an Australian actor and director. Despite being famous there are some aspects of his life that are little known.

Seven factors that are unknown about Heather Ledger :

1. An Only Son of his Family –

He was an only son of the family. He had three sisters Olivia, Catherine (Kate), and Ashleigh. His mother owned a kangaroo pet. They lived in Perth where most of his first movies were shot. His Father was once president of the hockey club which heather played for. Their heritage is a mix of Scottish Welsh, Irish, Sephardi, and some Judaism.

2. People who inspired Him most –

His older sister Kate was his greatest inspiration. Their mother Sally was a teacher. She named them after the protagonists in “The Wuthering Heights” novel. His other inspiration was Gene Kelly, a tap dancer who starred in musicals in the 1940’s and 50’s. Heather never stared in a musical but shows some of his moves in the 2001 film “A Knight’s Tale”.

3. His Acting Roles –

His first role was Peter Pan in a school play, at the aged 10. He took different roles in various productions. To him, playing one role was like repeating himself, which was boring. His best act was when he played the “Joker” in the movie “The Dark Knight”.

4. Scary Make up –

He designed his make up for the role of the Joker in the Dark Knight movie. He sourced his make up from a clown makeup and cosmetic shop. He maintained that look through the entire production. He is said to keep it all day while on set even during breaks.

5. He shut the World Out to Prepare –

Heather spent long periods of time in a hotel room. At one point he isolated himself for six weeks so he can develop the sadistic laughing sound and the Joker’s voice. So far no one has been able to duplicate that.

6. Awarded more in Death –

Heather got most of his awards posthumously. They include an Oscar, SAG, BAFTA and the Golden Globe awards. He was the second person to win an Oscar in death after Peter Finch.

7. The Heather Foundation –

A foundation named after Heather, was formed by the Australian in film society. Young upcoming Australian actors are the beneficiaries of the awards. His father gives donations to the foundation yearly.

In conclusion, Ledger lived a fulfilling life though it was short. He had challenges, for example he had problems sleeping. He did not let this get in his way of being a top performer.