“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Full Name : Steven Paul Jobs

Born : 24th February,1955 in San Francisco, California, US

Died : 5th October, 2011 in Palo Alto, California, US

Spouse : Laurene Powell 


Steven Job was an American inventor and entrepreneur who co-founded Apple Inc., one of the successful businesses in the world. Until his death, he was the Chairman and CEO of the company. He also the founder of NeXT and had shares in Pixar before its acquisition by The Walt Disney Company.

7 surprising facts about Steve Job :

1. He Was an Adopted Child

It is surprising to note that Jobs was put up for adoption right after his birth. This was because his mother’s family did not want her to marry his father who was an Arab. Secondly giving birth out of wedlock came with a strong stigma. So job never met his biological family. In an interview, regarded his biological parents as a sperm and egg bank.

2. His First Adoptive Parents Rejected Him

Jobs was first given on adoption to a wealthy family in San Francisco. However, the adoptees later changed their mind going for a girl instead of a boy. This ended Jobs in the hands of Paul and Clara Jobs. Both couples were not educated. Jobs never wanted his adoptive parents to be referred to as such. He noted that they were 1000% his parents and has no regret about that. He rather regarded his biological parents as a sperm and egg bank.

3. He Was a School Dropout

Jobs attended Reeds College but had to drop out because he believed it was affecting his parent finances. Reeds was a very expensive school and his parent could hardly afford. After dropping out from school, he travelled to across India to seek enlightenment.

4. He Was a Drug User

According to declassified reports on Jobs by the FBI, he was a drug user. It states that while in college, he used marijuana and LSD. Jobs admitted the use of LSD in an interview with reporters and stated that it was one of the important things he did in life.

5. Founding of Apple Inc.

Jobs and Wozniak stated apple in 1976. It was to sell Wozniak’s Apple I computer. They followed is with Apple II, which was commercially successful and made them rich. In 1984, Jobs developed Macintosh, which became the first mass production of a computer with a graphical user interface.

6. Was Sack From Apple Inc.

Due to the struggle for power, Jobs was booted out of Apple in 1985. He then founded NeXT, which will later merge with Apple in 1997. This is when Jobs became the CEO of Apple, a company he was sacked from. The rest is history as Apple grew to become one of the most profitable companies globally.

7. Initiative, Innovations and Design

Jobs introduced many designs and initiatives as he took over Apple Inc. Though he never code himself, he hold about 450 patents. His strong marketing sense led to the viability of Apple Products.