“Great achievers are driven, not so much by the pursuit of success but by the fear of failure.” – Larry Ellison

Full Name : Lawrence Joseph Ellison

Born : 17 August 1944 in New York, US

Nationality : American

Known for : Co-founder and former CEO of Oracle Corporation

When technology topics are discussed, it’s common for names such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others to definitely come up. But there’s one man who is responsible for creating the database that all these names have used to thrive in their respective areas of expertise. That man is Larry Ellison Oracle co-founder and CTO. He is one of the people that have influenced the world of technology, business, and our lives in a tremendous way. In this article, we follow the story of his life to know how he made it to the top.

1. College drop out

Just like most of his friends he also did not clear college. Unlike his peers, he dropped out of school twice and this was way before Bill Gates or even his friend Steve Jobs. He put up with school long enough to master computer design. The latter created a database by reading an IBM scientist’s paper. Every time you use a credit card or get a prescription for medicines you use Oracles database that Larry created. All the companies in the world use it too.

2. Oracle

He first worked shortly at the Amdahl Corporation then joined the Ampex Corporation. He was responsible for creating a database for the CIA which he named Oracle. Later on, with his friends, they started a company called Software Development Laboratories. He was the major contributor with $1200 out of the $ 2000 that was contributed. In 1982 they changed their company name to Relational Software Inc before renaming it Oracle Systems Corporation after launching the Oracle Database.

3. No Hint at Retiring Soon

Larry has been CEO at Oracle since 1977. He was still CEO way into his 70s making him the longest CEO the tech industry has ever had. This made other CEOs emulate him and stay longer too. To date, Larry has never hinted at retiring. Despite stepping down as CEO he stays on as executive chairman of Oracle and its chief technology officer.

4. Competitive spirit

Larry’s greatest motivation is a competitive spirit. He says it’s the main reason he goes to work every day. He loves to compete; he says that he is addicted to winning. He describes his motivation like this; “What drives me is this constant testing of limits. Constant learning…How can you move the world just a bit, make a difference, change lives…and how much can I help[While] discovering your own limits?”

5. He is a Closet Philanthropist

Larry is a very generous man but unlike his peers, his philanthropic practice is kept private. He does not talk much about it. He has concentrated in green energy and medical research. Just like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet he has also pledged half of his wealth to charity by signing the Giving Pledge.

6. He is Greedy and a spendthrift

Larry is estimated to be worth $51 billion. This makes him the fifth wealthiest man on earth according to Forbes. He set the standard for his high pay this made him the highest paid boss on earth in the 2000s. He also does not shy away from spending big. He owns mansions, tennis tournaments, yachts, and a private golf course. He also collects airplanes, cars, and art. He also owns airlines and an island in Hawaii.

7. He Sets His Own Rules

He does not play by anyone’s rules but his own. He gets to set his pay, decides how he runs his life and no one can change him. A major incident was in 2013 when he forced his company to acquire expensive boats that were extremely fast and dangerous. A sailor died during training but this did not make Larry change his mind. At the end of it all his team ended up winning the competition.

Larry Ellison is no doubt a man to learn after. Being so tough and caring at the same time is no mean fit. But like all the famous people we know he refused his background to dictate who he became in future. His zeal to succeed got him to the position he is in right now.