Full Name : Paul Gardner Allen

Born : 21st January, 1953 in Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Died : 15th October, 2018 in Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Known For : Co-founder of Microsoft in 1975

Most people if asked about whom the founder of Microsoft is, their answer would be Bill Gates. Truth is Microsoft was formed by two childhood friends. Bill Gates, and Paul Allen. Paul Allen later left and Bill stayed on.

Here are seven interesting facts about Paul, “Microsoft’s other mogul”.

1. Microsoft Co-founder –

Paul just like his friend Bill dropped out of college to become a programmer. Together they formed Microsoft. Their first task was to supply IBM with the disk operating system that would run on IBM’s PC line. This was the genesis of their wealth and success.

2. Loves Sports –

His love for the sport made him buy and partially own three teams. The Seattle Seahawks, the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers and partially own the Seattle Sounders FC soccer team. He owns the Moda Center an arena where the Blazers used to play.

3. Aerospace –

Paul was the only investor behind Burt Rutan’s SpaceShipOne suborbital Commercial Spacecraft. It was the first spacecraft to ever put a civilian in suborbital space. This won him the Ansari X prize and $10 million. In April 2015 He formed Vulcan Aerospace Company.

4. A Philanthropist –

His philanthropic contributions help advance science technology, education, wildlife conservation, arts, and community services. He has contributed millions through the Paul Allen Foundation, to help nonprofits. He formed The Allen Institute of brain science, to help understand how the brain works. He has pledged half of his wealth to philanthropy through the giving pledge.

Paul Allen and Bill Gates

5. Hodkin’s Lymphoma Survivor –

Paul has a strong will to live. He beat Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1982. He was diagnosed with Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2009. He underwent chemotherapy successfully. According to his sister, he is optimistic that he will beat this too.

6. Paul is Multitalented –

Together with his band the Underthinkers, they released their debut album everywhere at Ones. He plays the mean electric guitar. His film company, the Vulcan Production, has won several awards such as Emmys, Grammys, and Independent Spirit Awards.

7. Fight Against Ebola –

In 2013 he was the highest contributor towards the fight against Ebola in West Africa. He formed a website, TackleEbola.org to create awareness and also to enable other donors to send help through it.

Paul Allen is definitely a man of multiple abilities. This are just but a few important facts about the Microsoft co-founder you didn’t know.