“Seeing the world is the best education you can get. You see sorrow, and you also see great spirit and will to survive.” – Brad Pitt

Full Name : William Bradley Pitt

Born : 18th December, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, U.S.

Father : William Alvin Pitt

Mother : Jane Etta Pitt

Nationality : American

Famous For : American actor and film producer

Spouse(s) : Jennifer Aniston(m. 2000-2005) and Angelina Jolie(m. 2014-2016)

Children : 6


His full names are William Bradley Pitt. The name Brad Pitt is very popular among the 21st generation. He is credited with good looks, a beautiful family and immense wealth. So, who is Brad Pitt? What makes him stand out from the rest of the accomplished actors? Here are 7 facts that put him ahead of the rest.

1. College Drop Out

Like many other successful people we know today Brad did not clear college. He left college two weeks to completion to pursue his acting career. He did odd jobs to make ends meet as he took acting lessons. His coach was Roy London. Some of the small jobs he did include being a chauffeur and dancing mascot for the restaurant.

2. Career

Brad Pitt first acted on NBC’s soap opera called, another world. It was a two episode role. He rose to fame for his role in the Thelma and Louise movie in 1991. He has starred in; the river runs through it, Legends of the fall, and Interview with the vampire. Brad Pitt is a devoted actor. He will do anything to bring out the best in his acting roles. He at one point added 20 pounds of muscle so as to fit well in his role as Troy, in the blockbuster movie Troy.

3. An active student

While in school, Brad was active in the debating society. He played golf and basketball. At one point he did not qualify for his middle school basket ball team. So he formed his own team and christened it Cherokee Rejects. He was an avid member of the school drama club. Now you know where his acting finesse came from.

4. Top Ranked

Brad is ranked high in most of his achievements. Together with his wife, they are among the highest earning couple in Hollywood. His good looks also ranked him 2nd on Forbes most selling face list, 5th most powerful celebrity on the 100 most powerful celebrity list, and The People’s magazine ranked him the 4th sexiest man alive.


5. An Esteemed Family Man

Apart from being movie star, Brad is also a highly respected family man in Hollywood. Hollywood’s lifestyle’s list put him in the first position on the top ten Hollywood dads and also the 4th hottest dad on Touch magazine.

6. Real Estate Investor

Together with Jolie, they own several properties. The Chateau Miraval in France, a mansion in New Orleans, Villa Co stanza a vineyard in Italy and a home in west London. He also bought a mansion in Southern California from actress Cassandra Peterson.

7. Philanthropist

Brad Pitt has a big heart too. He has contributed to a lot of charities. Doctors without borders and Global action for children are among the organizations that have benefited from his contributions. His co-owns the Jolie-Pitt foundation with his wife. Money that was made form the sale of his children’s photos, he gave as donations to help less fortunate children.

It’s not easy to have such a busy and successful life-work balance. Brad Pitt has succeeded in doing this. So it’s possible to be successful in all that one sets their mind to do. School is important but it’s not the only requirement to make it in this life.